We know there’s a lot that goes into selling a home. Here at Serenity Sandworks we want to help provide a closing gift that will endure the test of time making that lasting impression on each and every client you have. We have done this by offering Our popular elevation stones. We have two sizes of stones to choose from.  Our elevation stones come with the elevation and longitude/latitude of your clients new address and establish date and name engraved in to the Stone. You can order and pay for your stone online and have it delivered FOR FREE to your office.

Choose from our 10x10" stone or for a little bit bigger stone our 10x16"stone .  Which ever you choose we know that your client will remember who gave them that stone forever. 

2 Options to choose From.
Off Name
Address for engraving & zip
Establish Year / Name on Stone

Each stone is deeply engraved by one of our skilled craftsmen. A stone-specific monument paint is used to add contrast to the engraving. All Stone are delivered to your office free of charge